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Driving Ambition

Chewing on Luke 20 and 2 Cor. 5 this morning. Jesus tells us to be aware of self-righteous leaders and not to follow their example. We still respect them as people and treat them kindly; yet He tells us not to do what they do. Man-made tradition is not always synonymous with God’s truth! Lord, please show me what this […]

Wisdom To Speak Or Not To Speak

“It is wise to think before we speak. It is wise to remember not every thought is meant to be spoken.” katiejwilson.com Ecclesiastes has always been a challenge for me to enjoy. It is full of great wisdom but also the unraveling of one who started his race strong, recognizing his need for dependence on God for wisdom, only to […]

Loyalty (A Poem)

Loyalty, it seems to be A trait we covet when we see. But Loyalty to Whom?   At the end of the day If I cannot say, that Jesus took my breath away; Then my loyalty  was nothing more than hypocrisy.   The Bible shows a motley crew, of faithful friends and schemers too. A loyal friend will not last […]

Trust Falling In Faith

I am currently co-authoring a book with one of my favorite friends, Kaitlin Chappell Rogers. We are from two different generations and we have hosted several podcast episodes of our conversations about everything under the sun. This book originated out of the overflow of these vulnerable discussions. In listening back to these heart-to-hearts, we realize the timeless and priceless value […]

God Sighting

*I wrote this originally for Our City on a Hill as “I Saw God” **Please take the time to check out the link and see what ourcityonahill.net is up to:) Sometimes I wonder how many times I miss a God sighting. I know that sounds like a silly, wasted thought but when I actually get a glimpse and recognize the beauty of […]

Shoes That Take Your Breath Away

I want to be a better “noticer.” I want to live looking for wonder and I want to celebrate it when I see it. Today,  I saw shoes, shoes that took my breath away and not because they smelled — but because of whom they remind me of and point to. These are my husbands shoes. I see these shoes […]

Grace Iceberg

This post was written for and originally shared at : 8 Ways To Give Yourself Grace **Please take the time to check out Kaitlin Chappell’s Blog When Kaitlin asked me to write a guest post for her blog, it was an easy YES! Little did I know, this would be the tip of the GRACE ICEBERG God wanted to show me. I […]

What Compels Us To Speak?

“I am full of words and MY spirit compels me to speak…” Job 32:18 RED FLAG: When “I and MY” are fueling our thoughts, it would be wise to keep our mouthes from firing off. Our opinions often masquerade as truth in our own minds. ____________ I think we can almost all remember a time where we spoke too soon, […]

30 Takeaways From My 30th High-School Reunion

Looking back through a 30-year-old lens gives me clarity bathed in gold dust. I pray you leave this post a little richer and that you are inspired to go on a hindsight treasure hunt of your own. 30 Takeaways From the 30th High-School Reunion: 1) Hindsight is NOT actually 20/20. 2) All of our filters are fractured and fresh. 3) […]

Hooked On A Feeling: Writing Out Of Darkness

Have you ever been hooked on a feeling?  I have! In fishing terminology, “take” is when the fish actually becomes “hooked.” But a fish is not “caught” until it is “landed,” prevented from escape. As believers, the enemy of our soul cannot “land” our soul but he can “hook” us pretty good, if we’re not alert and aware of his schemes. […]