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GENTalks Episode 25: The Blank Canvas of Marriage (Part 2)

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Join Kaitlin and Katie as they have their last recorded conversation before Kaitlin Chappell becomes Kaitlin Rogers.  In a special late night addition, Kaitlin and Katie have a good, old-fashion, slumber party, connecting the generations one gab session and heart share at a time.

Check out #RoadtoRogers  and Kaitlin Chappell and Caleb Roger’s Wedding Website

Katie has the special privilege of being the Live Event Artist at Kaitlin’ s wedding.

 (You can check out Katie’s art gallery to date here: https://psalm8110.com/art-gallery/  *although gallery is under construction and will have a new look soon:)

What a privilege and blessing for Katie to get to capture the moment on canvas for one who is a dear friend, a sister-in-christ and who has become like a daughter.

Laughter is good medicine and taking the time to connect on a couch, face to face, with coffee, or whatever is your jam, is priceless, powerful, and the gift of presence that keeps on giving!

Just like Kaitlin prays that her wedding will be an encounter with God for all who attend,  Katie and Kaitlin pray that this podcast invites listeners to encounter God for themselves and then sends listeners out looking to connect with the generations around them, while being plugged into the Source, the ONE connection, that is a MUST in order to fuel meaningful relationships.

Resources Referenced:

Devotional referenced: My Utmost For His Highest

Keep up with Kaitlin and Katie on their blogs at:


https://psalm8110.com or https://katiejwilson.com

**Intro and Outro music:

Huge shout out for local singer/songwriter and author, Deanna Wood, who wrote and sings the song “No More Secrets” for the community site, http://www.ourcityonahill.net.
Below are links to the full song, as well as Deanna’s testimony, as shared with Our City.

Deanna is also the author of “Unintended Target”, a Christian mystery and suspense novel. Check it out here:


Connect with D.L. Wood on Twitter:


“No More Secrets” by Deanna Wood https://www.facebook.com/OurCityOnaHill/videos/567070513430438/

“I Will Rejoice” by Deanna Wood


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