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Glory Garden – #6 Lent Painting

This small 10 X 10 canvas holds much weight. In fact, as I prayed, painted, worshipped and followed Holy Spirit’s lead, I felt the full weight of Glory. He spoke directly to my heart and expressed His message through my hand and onto this canvas pouring out a specific anointing on this particular piece.

These are some of the words I heard in my spirit with each brushstroke, color splash and water spay:

  • Living Hope
  • Resurrection
  • Unveiled
  • Worship woos Heaven.
  • Glory always comes when invited.
  • The garden of Heaven reaches for the soil in the heart of a worshipper.
  • What would the banner of your Hallelujah look like? Mine looked like a “Glory Garden” on canvas for today!

Blue represents Holy Spirit and red is the color of our Redeemer’s blood. White is the Holiness of God that covers the darkness we were relegated to apart from Christ.

Yellow is the trumpet calling, “Come Jesus Come!”

And Gold Dust is the visible presence of the invisible God. Jesus is the Glory of God and He reached for us first. The Glory Garden is a wild fire that cannot be contained. The veil was torn from top to bottom leaving an open Heaven that did not close. In Christ, we have the fullness of God living in us as Holy Spirit. In light of that, we have full access to Heaven now and Heaven to come.

We are carriers of His Presence and we get the privilege of shining His light in every place and in every way. We are each uniquely designed to reflect different facets of God’s face.

May we use the gifts we’ve been given to glorify the Gift Giver.

This colorful “Glory Garden” is my sacrifice of praise today. I pray it inspires you to worship in whatever way you choose, knowing your worship woos Heaven to earth!

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Where my faith and creativity collide! A freedom freelancer, prayerful painter and clarion for Christ. #amwriting #Compel Forgiven and Free Living a life that says: COME AND SEE!

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  1. Katie! I just loved this! I can’t wait to share with you one day the key words here that spoke to my heart. There are confirmations and affirmations and simple sweet love kisses from Papa God all over this painting. I love it!

    1. Katie Wilson

      I can’t wait to hear:) And what an encouragement to my heart as well that I took the leap of faith and painted and wrote what I really believed I heard Him saying and your confirmation that it spoke to you was also confirmation to me! Oh how He loves us and will go to any lengths to hug our hearts with His wrap around love!!!❤️

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