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The Value of Reflecting

In this graduating season of reflection, while many are all balloons and butterflies, there are some who struggle with regret and feelings of sadness.


Many look back and automatically savor the moments of glory but many look back and seem to feel invisible, unimportant, devalued and worthless.


Most of us, if honest, can look back and find an eclectic mix of both, some victories and some defeats, some celebrations and some public and private heartbreaking moments.


No matter where you find yourself in this “mixed up chameleon” array of possibilities, the message is: YOU ARE NOT ALONE AND YOU ARE VALUABLE BEYOND MEASURE!


So, go ahead and reflect, regardless of what you think you may find. There is great value in reviewing our “wins” and our “wildernesses.”

The gold is easy to spot in the shiny memories but there are diamonds in the rough just waiting to be unearthed in the darkest and deepest caverns as well!


Nothing is wasted in God’s economy and God is ready and willing to give us fresh eyes in painful places if we will just hold His hand and GO WITH HIM!


God never asks us to reflect in order to heap feelings of shame, bitterness, hopelessness or paralysis on us. Reflecting through HIS EYES, not our own broken filters or septic worldly systems, will ALWAYS propel us forward with hopeful expectation.


Today is the first day of the rest of our lives and I don’t write that lightly. But, in light of that, Lord show us clearly who and Whose we are and walk us into tomorrow as the people we are becoming and were always made to be!


There is great value in reviewing our “wilderness years”, not to bring us shame, BUT to glorify the goodness of the God who walked with us there and got us through! (See Numbers 33)


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  1. Jay

    Good timing and great message! Love you

  2. Anonymous

    During this time of sheltering I’m so glad I found these encouraging messages ! Thanks Katie you are an inspiration to me. love you Patsy

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