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Know Them By Name:One Small Thing

Yesterday I tweeted my first “One Small Thing” challenge. We were to ask a stranger their name and write their name on our hands. Then pray for them by name the rest of the day. If the person asked, “Why?” We were to TELL!

This challenge was placed in my spirit by 4 Holy Spirit promptings colliding.
1-My small group asked for challenges each week to push them outside their comfort zone
2-I had read a book called “Praying for Strangers” last summer
3-I am currently listening to a podcast series called “One small thing-Big difference” by Craig Groeschel
4-in my quiet time The Lord whispered in my soul over and over how HE knows us by name, names are important to HIM and HE wants us to know eachother by name! There are enough genealogies in the Bible to reiterated God’s great love for those HE knows by name-ALL OF US!

I spent the morning at the hospital yesterday with some angel friends attempting to surprise visit another angel friend. When passing the chapel, I felt the nudge to peek in and see if our friend was possibly in there but instead found a kind man praying with a young woman. He smiled and invited me to come pray also but I passed on the invitation in order to continue on our quest.

We camped out in the surgery waiting room to catch a glimps of our friend, when all of a sudden a kind Hospital worked said, “Excuse me.” He was needing to refill some hand sanitizer where we had rested our coffee cups. The kind voice just happened to be from the man in the Chapel! My eyes lit up like a glow stick and I immediately asked his name-Eddie!!!! Eddie found a place on my hand and in my heart and prayers for Eddie began! But that’s not the end of the story!

Last night was date night and my husband and I went to the movies. As we were leaving, I noticed a man smiling and laughing with a woman who appeared to be his wife. IT WAS EDDIE! I literally screamed out his name like I had been reconnected with a long lost brother! Needless to say my husband was somewhat surprised and confused; however after 20 years he knows anything is possible with me:)
Eddie didn’t make the connection immediately but as I blurted out the hospital encounters, you could see him connecting the dots. He had the smiliest eyes! I told him my challenge for the day was to ask a stranger, who I now know by name, “what can I pray for you?” He did not hesitate to answer!

Eddie asked me to pray for God’s clarity and focus with his family and ministry. He reiterated he wanted to fulfill God’s purpose in these, and all, areas of his life. I was overwhelmed with gratitude that he would entrust me with his prayer. I committed to pray and we departed from one another exchanging “God Bless You”.

All this went down in the middle of a sea of people leaving the theater! When in the center of God’s will it is as if the world around you disappears. The crowd exiting all around us witnessed a miracle in my world! I wonder if they noticed? I know there were an army of angels surrounding that GodWink moment and the glow must have been blinding! Thank you Lord for honoring my prayer for 2014:
Give me refreshed eyes & ears
A receptive heart
And Ready feet!
The Lord went above and beyond answering that prayer for me! WOWed once again by THAT JESUS!

Please join me in praying for “my Eddie” and please join me in living out the “ONE SMALL THING” challenge! I can’t wait to see who God places in my path today!

Would love to hear feedback stories from anyone who joins me on this journey! Share your God Encounters and the prayer requests of your strangers! Once we know a name we are not strangers any longer. We all have a name that connects us for eternity-HIS!!!


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