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My Day 2 of 500 Words


Journaling is a dialogue not a diary!

I kicked off January of 2015 with that quote.

I like it.

I am learning to slow down and stop the incessant babbling AT God.  After all, I need His direction way more than my own blabber mouth.  Self-help is a terrifying term.  If I am all I have, Lord help me!

Pun intended.

Thankfully, we have a God who meets us in our mess.  He is our ever-present help in time of need.

God-help trumps self-help. Enough said.

How do we tend the root system of a healthy relationship?  We spend time in the garden; we water and weed.

The condition of our roots determines the extension of our reach.  Spend time in the garden; water the roots well; pull out the weeds, and the good fruit will grow.  We do our part and God brings the harvest.

The Presence of the Lord is where our peace, passion and productivity comes from.  The promise is HIS PRESENCE.  He is never too busy for us and HE never screens our calls!

I need to pause right there:


People are never meant to play savior in our lives.  I now see that my times of disappointment are really God-arrows to point me to the only ONE who is meant to hold me up.  The fact that we live in a world of “call screeners” makes us appreciate our “always on call” God all the more.

What God whispers to me in the dark, in the secret place, He wants me to share in the daylight.  Blogging the gold from my journals is just one way God is asking me to proclaim HIS name from the roof tops.

In a world that seems to be spinning out of control, it is important that we never stop telling of HIS wonderful deeds.  This world is definitely not fixed but IT IS STILL FINISHED!  I take great comfort in knowing that the finished work of the cross is not erased by the chaos that we face.

We don’t know what to do, but our eyes are on YOU, Lord!

If we see our blessings as stepping stones to attain the favor of man, we will be blinded to the ONE who is the bestower of all blessings.   I do not ever want to forfeit my focus on God for the favor of man.  I am learning to savor sitting at HIS feet over striving for success.  I am significant simply because I am HIS.

Seeing the beauty of Christ is my greatest treasure.  His grace is extravagant and I will proclaim Christ in service.  We do not let that grace go wasted when we lay down our lives for another, in service, sacrifice and unconditional love.

God is calling us to do the work, not to get saved but because we already are.  When we look at Scripture, God tends to use those who are already working, serving, doing the thing right in front of them that needs to be done.

What needs to be done right now, right in front of us?

We are created to DO, to die to self, to deliver Jesus to our generation, to stop dreaming about the future and work now!   If we won’t work behind the scenes, then we can not be entrusted with center stage.

If we are put on this earth to be the best set of shoulders for someone else to step on while reaching their destinies in Christ, will we joyfully lean down and say, “Climb on up.”?

I know writing is part of my divine assignment and one of the ways God intends for me to deliver Jesus to my generation.

Do you know what your divine assignment is?  How does God want you to be an instrument of light with your one and only life?

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