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When Ruins and Royalty Collide

She was born in ruins AND she always wondered WHY? She looked around AND often found she could not see the sky. It made no sense, she sometimes thought, to be here without hope; SO She changed her gaze and looked for days AND THEN she saw the ROPE! She met a Man, a Scarlet Thread, extended to her hand. […]

April 16, 2015 Word Picture

If I miss NOW striving for WHEN, then I am missing the memories of walking with HIM! #makingmelodiesinourhearts #KokoCrater   

April 14, 2015 Word Picture


April 12, 2015 Word Picture

 If we are in CHRIST, we are no longer in chains! We are free and wear robes of HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS!  The world may strip us of “everything”, indeed the enemy will try, but we are still clothed in Royal Robes of HIS strength & dignity!  

April 11, 2015 Word Picture


April 8, 2015 Word Picture

Lord, so often we cling to what we call “fine things” and we put our “stuff” in shadow boxes, not to be touched, or air tight boxes to keep decay away.  But in reality our silver, diamonds, Gucci, and Porsches are no different than this shopping cart, that is full of what some would call junk, others would call home. […]

April 7, 2015 Word Picture


April 4, 2015 Word Picture


April 2, 2015 Word Picture

I am so thankful ,Lord, that You enable those who live seeking You, to display strength and take action!  My heart is Your home Holy Spirit. Please “open my eyes that I may behold wondrous things in Your Word.” (Psalm 119:18) Please enlighten my heart to see You in this world and move my feet to represent You, not defend […]

April 1, 2015 Word Picture

Do we deliver JESUS to the world around us? If we live EXPECTING HIM, we will DELIVER HIM!