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GENTalks: Episode 12-“She Is Me”


GENTalks Episode 12: She Is Me

Kaitlin and Katie invite you into their latest conversation about “The Woman at the Well” and how

“She is me!”

When we grasp even the tiniest hem of the grace we have freely received, we are able to see ourselves in everyone’s story. It is in recognizing “She is Me” that we are able to extend the grace we didn’t earn but gratefully receive and then generously lavish it upon others.

This timeless meeting between Jesus and a woman whom society deemed defiled draws our hearts to encounter Christ for ourselves. The Samaritan woman’s story is all of our stories. Jesus came and leveled the playing field, extending hope and grace to ALL.

Those who look to the Lord are radiant. Their faces are never covered IN disgrace. They are covered OVER IN grace!

Kaitlin and Katie share snapshots from their lives and their appreciation for a Savior that calls them, us, SOUGHT AFTER, a Savior who still meets us at our “wells”, lifts up our gaze and in an instant, makes us brand new, sending us back out into the world with heads held high, saying,

“Come meet a Man who told me everything I ever did. Could this be the Messiah?”

How we answer that question for ourselves changes everything.
We know how “SHE” answered.

How do we?

May you sift out the gold from this conversation and let the rest fall by the wayside:)

The hope behind GENTalks is that you will leave hugged, encouraged and excited about sitting down with someone from another generation to have a conversation, learning from and loving oneanother well!

Links to resources mentioned in this episode:


“Unlocking Belief is a chronological journey through Jesus’ life and ministry, stopping along the way to answer timeless questions Jesus asks…” by Suzanne W. Matthews


GENTalks is a Cross-generational conversation. Kaitlin (24) and I (Katie, 47) are bridge building, as they talk about culture, relationships, creativity, faith, life, and pretty much everything from two different generational perspectives. The heart behind this podcast is to highlight our need for one another and how we are all #bettertogether!


Kaitlin and Katie agreed that if this podcast was ever going to actually happen, it would have to be relatively spontaneous and pretty much unedited:)
They are taking the journey alongside one another and you. It is messy at times but real and completely unscripted. They collectively decide on a topic and then they are basically plopping down on the couch to unwind and catch up, taking you along for the ride.


47 and 24 really do have so much to learn from and love about one another! What ages can you fill in?
They would love your feedback and would love to know some of your answers to the lightning round questions.

This is community and Lord knows we need each other!

Link to the podcast page:


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