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Click Here for direct iTunes link: GENTalks: And Then There’s That…A Multigenerational Conversation

“And Then There’s That…” is a multigenerational conversation. Kaitlin (24) and I (Katie, 47) are bridge building, as we talk about culture, relationships, creativity, faith, life, and pretty much everything from two different generational perspectives. The heart behind this podcast is to highlight our need for one another and how we are all #bettertogether!


Kaitlin and I both agreed that if this podcast was ever going to actually happen, it was going to have to be relatively spontaneous and pretty much unedited:) We are taking the journey alongside you. It is messy at times but real and completely unscripted. We collectively decide on a topic; then we are basically plopping down on the couch to unwind and catch up, taking you along for the ride.


47 and 25 really do have so much to learn from and love about one another! #thesearethemoments

Hopefully, these conversations will encourage you to link up with someone from another generation and share the gift of presence!

We would love your feedback and would love to know some of your answers to the lightning round questions as well. This is community and Lord knows we need each other!

This is a grace place, where you are welcomed with open, wobbly, all-in arms!