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Lent Day 2: Making Room For The New Harvest


I love Leviticus. I know that sounds incredibly weird to most.

God continues to show me fractals of Jesus throughout the Old Testament. Layers I could have never discovered on my own are supernaturally peeled back. The Holy Spirit divinely dances over the written word and it is like watching cream rise to the top.

 “You will have such a surplus of crops that you will need to clear out the old grain to make room for the new harvest!” Lev. 26:10

HARVEST is #myoneword for 2017.  When the Lord spoke it to me, as usual, He did not unfold every corner of the mystery. He simple gave me a Word and asked me to trust Him to decode it “on the way.”   His Word is timeless and timely, infinite and deeply intimate.

Leaning into Leviticus 26:10 in my daily reading, I was initially drawn in by the word HARVEST, since it seems to be my 2017 treasure hunt,  but as I unpacked the verse, HE unfolded THE MORE.  Tucked into the treasure was another layer, a Lenten, timely “Spring Cleaning” reminder.  This particular “clearing out” is a release of the surplus.  God is specifically asking me, us, to get rid of the excess BEFORE we lay eyes on the new harvest.

Do we trust HIM for the HARVEST, more than we treasure our TOO MUCH?

“I will live among you, and I will not despise you.” Lev. 26:11 NLT

Do you see it?  The very next verse (vs. 11) following the word HARVEST  (vs. 10) tells us WHO the HARVEST is, where HE will be and what HE is NOT going to do.  “GOD WITH US” is Jesus. HE is the HARVEST.  We can have as much of HIM as we want, because HE promises to never avoid or shun us.  The answer is always YES when we ask for MORE of Jesus!

I know in my knower that God is whispering:

“I am about to give you a greater revelation of ME.


Will we lay down our MUCH, for HIS MORE?

  Personally, I hear the Lord reminding me of His magnificent grace and mercy, highlighting HIS extravagant love and HIS delight in me and the story we are writing together.  (HE delights in the story HE is writing with you too!) I feel the Holy Spirit nudging me to penn my pilgrimage in a Lenten post and I feel me nudging back with a NO.

I find myself arguing with the Lord,

“We have settled the past and I am free.

 I got grace and grace got me.

Why do we have to keep rehearsing the back story?

God smiles and speaks,

“It’s not about you, child;

it’s all about MY GLORY!”

Holy Spirit nudges do not expire.  I am sure my NO will become YES before the EASTER HOUR. 

“I will walk among you; I will be your God, and you will be my people. I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt so you would no longer be their slaves. I broke the yoke of slavery from your neck so you can walk with your heads held high.” (Lev. 26:12-13 NLT)

I will close out tonight with the love letter I wrote in my journal this morning, a love letter the Holy Spirit penned on my heart from the verses above. (see Lev. 26:12-13)

Sweet girl, I am walking with you, even when it may not feel like it.  I am your Lord and Savior, don’t ever doubt that.  This relationship is personal, in fact nothing is more personal than our divine dance. I am the only One who lives in and through and over you. Your are MINE, Katie( _________)! (Fill in your name)

Don’t forget your slavery in Egypt. Remembering the past is not to shame you. Remembering is an opportunity to celebrate your freedom and magnify MY GLORY! Sharing our story points a hurting, hopeless world to ME, the HOPE OF THE WORLD!

I am the SHAME SLAYER, breaking shame off your neck with My

“one-two punch”:

One: empty cross

Two: empty tomb


Death is defeated;

you are delivered;

walk in your freedom with YOUR HEAD HELD HIGH!

I love you so much.


The Comforter (the One you are tucked into:)

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