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Shoes That Take Your Breath Away

I want to be a better “noticer.” I want to live looking for wonder and I want to celebrate it when I see it.

Today,  I saw shoes, shoes that took my breath away and not because they smelled — but because of whom they remind me of and point to.


These are my husbands shoes. I see these shoes everyday. At face value, they are ordinary; they are functional; they hold socks and feet. BUT to me, they are extraordinary; they move mountains; they hold our home together and my heart with tender-loving care.

These shoes stopped me in mine; therefore, I asked God,


Why today?

Why the shoes?”

God is faithful to answer; however, the answer is often not what I anticipated. These unexpected responses give me a window into His heart and He has asked me to share the view.

“Well good morning child of Mine!

I see you noticed the shoes. I am using them today to tell you how much I love you. That is pretty much the message I want you to get 24/7 but I like being creative and I love using what you may see as ordinary in extraordinary ways. 

These shoes belong to a man, one of My sons, whom I gave you as a gift. He reflects my heart on a daily basis in many ways but today I am highlighting his shoes. The shoes are a reminder of him and an arrow to Me. 


They cover and carry.  They are guard rails and gates. They are trustworthy and tough. They walk and wait.

They are functional and foundational. They surround and set free. They’re a reminder of the man who wears them and they’re an arrow to Me.

Most people have them, so they’re a great metaphor. They are not “just shoes”; they STAND FOR SO MUCH MORE. 

So, sweet child of Mine (and do not go to “Guns and Roses” with that sentiment:), have I answered your questions?

The “why” is always to give you a fresh opportunity to encounter Me and share Me.

I chose today because I sensed a deep need for my kids to recognize, rest in and remember My Presence in the tiniest details of their everyday, ordinary lives. The enemy has turned up the heat in the media, in the monumental and on the mind, because he knows his time is short. I chose today because I wanted to remind you to shut out his noise TODAY and notice Me TODAY, because I already WON and since you are in ME, so have you! 

I chose shoes because the whole world (whom I love, remember:) can relate to the metaphor. Shoes carry weight and weight implies value. You carry weight; you are valuable because you carry Me.

I also chose shoes, because I knew they would fan a flame of gratitude,

gratitude for the gift of your husband,

gratitude for how he carries the weight of your family with My integrity and strength,

gratitude for how he recognizes his families immeasurable value.


gratitude for Me, because I, first, recognized My families immeasurable value and paid the ultimate price to buy you back with my son, Jesus. “

I hope you enjoyed the view. But more importantly, I pray it prompts you to recognize your own.  I noticed shoes. What do you notice? What is right in front of you?

Now, ask God:


“Why today?’

“Why the ______?”

And don’t get me wrong, I am NOT talking about a theology of needing to know all the “whys.” I am talking about a conversation with a Friend, the best Friend we will ever have, who does not give His heart in pieces and loves to reveal Himself to us. Go looking for wonder and celebrate it when you find it!

Expect God to answer;

welcome His out-of-the-box responses


share them a lot!

What takes your breath away?

“So here’s what I want you to do, God helping you: Take your everyday, ordinary life—your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life—and place it before God as an offering.” Romans 12:1 MSG

Peace and Prayers



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  1. Anonymous

    I had no idea what could have come from my shoes! Thanks for the sweet note. Love you Jay

    1. Katie Wilson

      I notice every thing about you and IT IS VERY GOOD!!! Love you more!

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