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“Wisdom of the Wounded” Guest Blog Post

Thank you “Wisdom of the Wounded” for the opportunity to share my story on your site.

“Your Presence is the Greatest Gift of All”

A guest post by Katie Wilson

26 years ago, the phone rang in my college apartment. I had just spent the afternoon in the library studying, and now I was enjoying a movie rental and dinner with the love of my life, my boyfriend Jay. What more could a 21-year-old ask for, right? Life was good. The caller asked for Jay. Looking at Jay’s face, I thought he was in serious trouble. He hung up the phone with tears in his eyes and said, “They have to call me back.”

Who?! Who had to “call him back?” I badgered him, while he kept trying to hug me. Looking back, I now realize that was probably the longest 15 minutes of his life. He was, as the song goes, “waiting for the world to change.” Little did I know, it was my world that was about to change. The phone rang again. Jay answered it and then handed me the receiver…

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  1. Katie,
    Last evening I was having dinner with my family. We were talking about how my husband, Larry, could care for his friend, Jim, who has stage 4 cancer. My husband was wondering what to say to Jim. My son, Jeff, said, “Mom I really liked Wisdom of the Wounded’s podcast advice today. Then he went on to tell the rest of the family about your advice:

    “If you’re ever unsure of what to do in a sad situation, let the one who is grieving dictate the mood. Follow their lead. When they are happy and sharing memories, jump in to do the same. If they are sorrowful, walk along with them in their sorrow.”

    Thank you Katie for sharing your story, “Your Presence is the Greatest Gift of All,” with Wisdom of the Wounded.

    Thank you for working to make God’s world a healthier more beautiful place.

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