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What You Mean To Me…

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We watched the movie I’m Not Ashamed last night.  It is Rachel Scott’s faith story, as taken from her journals and eye witness accounts to her life and the mass school shooting that took place in 1999 at Columbine High School.

Rachel lived her life out loud for Christ while wrestling in her faith walk.  She had a vibrant relationship with Jesus that did not sugar coat the struggle of surrender. She was and is one of my heroes of faith. In her final moments here on earth, she did not forfeit her faith to fear. Her last breath was a love letter to Christ and to us all,

“Dear Lord, what you mean to me…EVERYTHING!”

May my heart song echo hers!

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You see Rachel writing in her journal often through out the film and in the final credits you see excerpts in her precious handwriting of her heart cries to Jesus. They remind me of David and his authenticity before the Lord.  It was a real relationship, not a religious mantra.

As I opened up the Psalms this morning, they brought me to tears as I reflected on Rachel and her bold, beautiful but short life. She most definitely left beauty marks in her wake and she has reached millions with the love and grace of Christ through her story.

Thank you Rachel Joy Scott!

I will not let this grace go wasted!

The overflow of my heart this morning spilled out in poetry, poetry in my written journal that is now finding it’s way to the blog in obedience to God asking me to

“take the journey before the people.” (Deut. 10:11)

What You Mean To Me…

You are the PLACE and PERSON,

I belong IN and TO.

Your seal upon my heart 

My Identity TATOO! 

I am Yours

And You are mine.

Our hearts are ONE,

No seams, entwined.

You are my Breath and Vision,

My Food and my Delight.

I am the empty vessel 

Laid open for Your Light.

Fill me, change me,

Mend and rearrange me.

Surrendered cracks

are portals for Your love.

Poured out on earth,

birthed from above.

You have given me,

All that I need,

To live my life for YOU

And leave Your Legacy. 

You know the battles real;

BUT remind me the enemy can’t steal.

Although constantly his plan

kill, steal, and destroy man. 

The reminders are a gift,

That I may stay alert.

I know the war is won,

but without You I am dirt.

Dirt that You breathed into,

For such a time as this. 

You changed my D-N-A,

No longer M-E, 

But H-I-S ! 

At the end of the movie, we see a coffin that friends and family have written on, the way one would sign a cast. Someone wrote, “For me to live is Christ…” and Rachel definitely lived that out.

I want to do the same.

What would we want people to write on our casket?

What do we want our life message to be?

What kind of beauty marks do we want to leave in our wake?

I pray mine are arrows that point to Christ!

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