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How Do We Define Meaningful?

If we don’t personally decide what is meaningful, a mean world will. What is meaningful to you? I would love feedback❤!

 I was listening to the “Hamilton” soundtrack. I hear Alexander Hamilton’s passion for what he has decided is meaningful. He is not throwing away his shot! 

Why do we?
 Is it because we haven’t set our eyes on one? 
Is it fear? 
Is it laziness? 
Is it ________? 

Once we dig deep and decide what is most meaningful to us, we will then use it as a litmus test for every choice we make. If we don’t clearly define it, we will drift aimlessly, getting lost or stuck or ultimately just throwing way our shot.

I don’t want to do that! 

And I don’t think you do either!

Here is one way I define meaningful. 

It is what I have been chewing on lately; so, I decided to share.

 I would love to hear your heart in the comments. 


I pray I go to the grave a learner, 
listening to God and others, 

keeping a soft heart and thick skin, 

letting the “gold” break and mold my heart, while keeping offense at arms length.

 If we are constantly offended, we will miss being mended!


I am not willing to give up growth to gain “being right.”

Being RIGHT and TRUTH are not the same thing. RIGHT is an opinion, subject to change. TRUTH is an immutable Person Who speaks for Himself.  


However, what is “right” is derived from HIM, not the other way around. For that I am so incredibly grateful. 
The kindness of TRUTH led me and leads me to repentance and to over-the-moon joy and gratitude for amazing grace! Grace is premium gas revving my engine to move forward 




“I’m RIGHT” and “IT’s My RIGHT” are “I and my” focused and often are devoid of taking responsibility for how others are effected. It is the LAW of RIGHT, not the kindness, that often leads people to self-elevation or self-deprecation. 
Pride and self-pity don’t produce joy and don’t know grace. They think they don’t need it or it couldn’t apply to them. 

Without grace the tank is empty; 

pride and self-pity are counterfeit fillers, far from gas that revs an engine! Pride ultimately poisons and the engine explodes; self-pity ultimately paralyzes and the engine stops.

Pride sees purpose, peace and freedom as unnecessary or nonexistent. Self-pity sees purpose,peace and freedom as out of reach or “not far reaching enough” for them.

What is filling our tank? The fruit of our lives is a pretty good indicator. 

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