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GENTalks Episode 13: God Does Not Have A Plan For Our Lives


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Kaitlin and Katie dive straight into the deep water as they discuss the idea that “God does not have a plan for our lives” but He does have Kingdom purpose and that is a different outlook altogether.

Another way it’s been put: God is not in control BUT HE IS IN CHARGE! (Thank you Bill Johnson, Bethel Church!)

How do we picture God?

Donald Miller paints a beautiful word picture of how he sees God, one that resonated with Kaitlin and Katie and it might with you, as well:

“I see a dad sitting down next to a giant piece of butcher paper. Next to him is his daughter and a box of crayons. I see God wanting to do something with us, wanting to create and imagine. I see Him letting us have control of our will and our desires and I see HIM bonding with you as the two of you create a new and better world to live in.” ~ StoryLine, Donald Miller

Their conversation celebrates the power of story and challenges us to delve into what makes a meaningful life.

“People who have noble ambitions live inspiring lives. Martin Luther King wanted racial equality and Mother Teresa wanted dignity for the marginalized… What we want matters.” ~StoryLine, Donald Miller

What are our noble ambitions?

Are we writing a story with our lives that is moving in that direction? If not, are we brave enough to start?

Storyline is an amazing process that helps us gain mental clarity to start or continue writing a personal life story that is meaningful.

Also included in the links below is the StoryBrand Productivity Schedule that Kaitlin and Katie discuss. Take the time to check out the link and download the free resource today!

Inspired by Donald Miller’s “StoryLine: Finding Your Subplot in God’s Story”


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