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31 Days of Hindsight: Day 17


31 Days of Hindsight: Day 17

As I continue to look back and glean, in order to grow and go into 2017, I see so many lessons and nuggets of wisdom God was whispering in my ear.  I am so glad I am taking this opportunity to put them in writing here, to remember and share, and hopefully continue to walk out in each new season of my  life.

In Mark 16 I was clearly drawn into the story of the women walking to Jesus’ tomb to anoint His body after burial.  It was like I was in on their conversation as they asked each other,

“Who will roll away the stone at the entrance to the tomb?”

Literally, come hell or high water, nothing was going to stop them from getting their hands on Jesus one last time, to pour out their sweet aroma,  in hopes (I believe) of getting His sweet aroma on themselves one more time!  

They were headed His way first thing in the morning. They were carrying their best and discussing the logical hurtles that were most likely going to be in their way when they got there. However, the ATTENTION GETTER FOR ME was that they did not wait until they had it all figured out before they got “on their way” to Jesus!

I love oxymorons of the Bible:

I found Christ and I am found in HIM; yet, I want to live my life always on the way to HIM!

I am full of HIM; yet, I am hungry and thirsty for HIM!

HE is with me always; yet, I wake up thrilled to seek HIM, knowing I will find HIM afresh all over again!

Losing my life is the way I found my Life-Jesus!

I believe God is whispering:

You do not have to have a plan BEFORE you start your Jesus journey.

I will not give you all the pieces before I ask you to start putting the puzzle together.

I will not give you the entire route before you take step one.

I will not tell you about the curveballs ahead of time, but I promise to be with you when they come.

I will use you to build My Kingdom in My Way, in My Supply and in My Time, just keep holding My Hand!

 Stay “on the way” and I will move all the stones that you cannot roll.


I will show you EMPTY TOMBS as you go forward anointing Me, by pour out your whole life as your offering!


I remember clearly the day I chose to go all in with Jesus and thinking it will probably take Him about 5-7 years to put me back together; then, MAYBE, He will be able to use me.
Now I laugh at that thought! God begins to use us the second we go all in, and by that, I mean, by trusting HIM to be our everything, not trusting our “everything” to get to HIM!
He simply wants us “to be heading to the tomb with our sweet aroma to anoint HIM” and He does the rest!

When we look back at our 2016, do we see ourselves heading toward the resurrection with the anointing oil of our whole heart ready to be poured out on Jesus?

If so, what did that look like?

If not, how can we move forward in 2017 with our whole hearts as anointing oil ready to be emptied?


Peace Out!



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