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5 Blogs I Like and Why


Bloglovin’ is a tool for keeping up with blogs.  It is a way to manage feeds.  I just added my blog to this platform and you can get to it here Psalm8110.com on Bloglovin’

One of the posts on Bloglovin’ today was looking for contributors:

We’re Looking For Contributors

I loved the way they asked you to apply.

They simply wanted links to your social media and blog and a list of 5 blogs you liked and why.  I applied to be a contributor and decided it was the perfect opportunity to share those 5 blogs I liked and why on my personal blog as well.

Each of these blogs inspire, encourage and challenge me.  Check them out and prepare to be blessed!


5 Blogs I like and why:

https://michaelhyatt.com Michael Hyatt speaks my language. He awakens and energizes with his words. He calls himself a virtual mentor and that is exactly what he is. He is generous with his life, which encourages his readers to do the same. He gives great business, writing and life tips that can be applied immediately. He is intentional with every word, helping his readers “to stop drifting and start designing” their life.

http://www.andyandrews.com/blog/ Andy Andrews is one of my favorite authors. Hope, faith and perseverance saturate his words. He inspires and challenges his readers to see that changing the trajectory of our lives is possible, one wise choice at a time. He is funny, authentic and wise. I leave his words (in writing or podcast) feeling as if I have spent time with a friend and father.

http://www.incourage.me/blog (in)courage is a blog that does exactly that, encourages you to move forward better (whatever your better may be), leaving beauty marks in your wake. It is a blog about relationships, with God and each other. I love the fact it is made up of many different voices, lots of contributors and it also opens up several times a year for guest contributors, of which I am one:) (a link to the post I contributed at (in)courage: http://www.incourage.me/2016/05/embracing-awkward.html )

http://stopwritethere.com ABOUT THE AUTHOR Toya Poplar is a literary midwife that uses poetry and prose to coach Creatives during their delivery process. She shares practical wisdom coupled with scripture to help ease labor pains. Toya is a native of Muskegon, MI. When she is not spending time with her family she enjoys photography, public speaking and cultivating sisterhood with her friends. She is married to her high school sweetheart, Melvin and they are the proud parents of 6 children. The Poplar Family enjoys travel, working out, sharing God’s word and creating together. They are happy to call Alabama, home sweet home.

http://emilypfreeman.com/blog/ Emily’s blog helps me breathe. Her writing is melodic and it ushers in a peaceful pause amid the daily rush. Emily’s life stirs the creative within me and prompts me to write, paint or speak, in other words EXPRESS, the treasure that is written on my heart.

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