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#BlogPod1 : Calling all podcasters and podcast listeners: Let our tribe begin #BlogPod


Calling all podcasters and podcast listeners:

Let’s start a conversation,

Let our Blog-Pod TRIBE begin!


I am a podcast junkie.

This is what the podcast app looks like on my phone, if you don’t already have it.

FullSizeRender 2

It changed my world several years ago, when I tapped into podcast heaven.  They are free and amazing and the topics are endless.

I listen primarily to





leadership and

productivity podcasts.


the world is your oyster!

I run, listen and usually take notes on Twitter.  I look cra cra, that is for sure.

There are headphone wires everywhere and my gait is weird, as I lean to the left, fall down occasionally and almost run into parked cars:)

All that to say,

I don’t get a lot of conversation simply by posting my takeaways on Twitter, because we are not all listening to the same thing.  It would be like wanting to have an in-depth conversation with someone about a book that only you have read.

There is such rich, life-changing, golden nuggets stashed in these audio messages


I have been longing to have a community to listen together and talk  about our takeaways and how we can apply them to our lives.


this is where the “BLOG-POD” idea was birthed.

Like a book club, we will listen to the same podcast sometime between Monday and Thursday and we will comment and tweet.

We will share the gold we sift, how we relate, ideas they inspire and how we can apply the gold to our own lives.

Are you in???

Below are the Tweets I shot out last week to test the water to see if others were interested and now


You can follow below by clicking on Twitter to comment there and hashtag with



you can comment on the blog as well, and make sure you add the #-  #BlogPod.

I would love for y’all to sign up for the blog via email for additional conversation and extras!


Please share your links and I would love to check them out!

So here we go:

Our first podcast to


Bryan Stevenson: We need to talk about an injustice

The first link is the npr.org podcast;

the second link I am including is the TED talk on YouTube.



So now,

let’s listen or watch;

comment or tweet



I will post with my takeaways and yours!

Have an amazing week!



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