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(Week 5) “Owl” Always Love You!: Sharing Some Momma Wisdom for My Daughter’s 17th Bday


Always Remember “HOO” you are and “HOO’s” you are!

I picked up that wise momma saying from Lysa Terkeurst years ago at a “She Speaks” conference.  Of course, she spelled it correctly but I wanted to capitalize on the painting I did for Virginia for her b-day present. (Painting #5 for 2016 to accompany the weekly post, in accordance with my writing and painting goals for 2016:)

Teehee-Get it?

“Owl”-hoo hoo

There are actually layers to why I painted her an owl.

Layer number 1 is the whole “Hoo” and “Who” connection:

Lysa would say it to her kiddos before they left the house.  This one sentence is suppose to remind our children that they represent the “Family Name,” but more importantly, that they represent the ONE who made and saved  them, God.

We are walking billboards for the names on our jersey.  What do we want the world around us to think about our family, but more importantly, what do we want others to think about our God?

Our actions speak louder than our words! (Cliche but true)

FullSizeRenderLet’s talk about layer number 2:

Uggla means owl in Swedish!

Now why in the world would I put this in here?

Uggla was my dad’s Swedish last name.  My mom had a fascination with owls because of the Swedish nobility represented.  She collected owls to remind her of her children’s royal roots.  There is so much spiritual significance right there I can hardly stand it!

All that to say, when Virginia, my 17 year old daughter, thinks about “Hoo” she is, she can remember her heritage, her families royal lineage, but most importantly “Hoo’s” she is, “Hoo” her Daddy is, the King above all Kings, and she is an heir to His Throne, which trumps any status or title known to man.

Finally, I will address layer number 3:

Owls are associated with wisdom.

Ok, there you have it.  Why I chose the Owl to paint!

Let’s move on to the depth of this post.

As part of her 17th b-day present, I am leaving her this written reminder of some of the golden nuggets of wisdom I have gleaned through the years.

A few things have inspired me to write this post.

1- The 1998 film, “Stepmom”, was the story of a terminally ill woman who wanted to leave behind a video archive of all the advice she wanted to leave behind for her children when she was gone.  I know it may sound a little morbid to think of on my daughter’s b-day but that movie actually left a beautiful mark.  All these years later, I remember thinking I wanted to leave that advice for my kids while I was alive and well.  I didn’t want to save it for the possibility of a similar terminally ill scenario. So, thank you to the writer and producers of “Stepmom”!

2-The song, “These Are the Words I Would Say” by Sidewalk Prophets

Watch Video to “These are the words I would say” by Sidewalk Prophets


“Be strong in the Lord
And never give up hope
You’re gonna do great things
I already know
God’s got His hand on You
So don’t live life in fear
Forgive and forget
But don’t forget why you’re here
Take your time and pray
These are the words I would say”

3-One of my dearest friends had a dream from a young age. She witnessed people giving heart felt talks, sharing all the amazing things about a person, at their funeral.  She always wondered if the one who passed away knew how much their people loved and appreciated them.  So for her 35th b-day, she gathered some of us, her close sisters, and asked us to come with what we would share if it was her “celebration of life” day, when in fact it was; we were celebrating her 35 awesome-sauce years.  It was one of the most authentic and beautiful nights of my life.  We each shared the threads that knit our hearts to our mutual sister and we “celebrated her life”, while she was 100% alive and well.  Thank you sweet friend for reminding me to celebrate my people, so they can hear how much they are loved in the land of the living.

Dear Daughter,

A timeless birthday gift for you.

If you ever wonder what you should do.

God gave you a momma and HE gave you HIS WORD.

Always pray for wisdom;

Your prayers will be heard.

I will share with you now, lessons learned along the way.

Sift out the gold, but Jesus gets final say!

Put others first, be honest and kind.

Listen a lot, use your God-given mind.

Remember you are priceless, when it comes to dating.

Hold out for your gold, it’s worth waiting!

Be generous and humble and patient with others

Cherish your parents and hug your brothers.

Lessons are learned and trust is earned

Be quick to forgive, when you are burned.

To keep your heart pure, stick close to the Father,

He delights over you; you are never a bother.

If offered a drug, a cig or a drink,

count to 20 before choosing, take time to think.

When asked, “What’s the hold up or what’s the big deal?”,

Always choose character over something you feel.

Sit with the lonely and pray for the lost

Seek Godly wisdom, no matter the cost.

Simple and sincere trump fancy and fake

Choose life that gives back, not one that’s all take.

If your friends gossip, shut the gossip down.

A gossip will talk about you, when you are not around.

You will know a guy’s a keeper, when he loves God more then you.

This guy will guard your guardrails, more than you do.

When you know you’ve met the “one” and a wedding is on the way.

Of course we’ll have a blast, planning your special day.

The hair, dress and make-up, the food and gifts galore,

Are special for your wedding, but it’s the marriage I pray for.

With Christ as your foundation, you can weather any wind.

Storms will come and go, but your faith holds to the end.

If God should give you kids, show them that love lives here.

Your home will not be perfect, but perfect love casts out fear.

Love is patient, kind and humble and it honors everyone

it’s not self-seeking, keeps the peace, and doesn’t recall what you’ve done.

 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.

Love protects, trusts, and hopes, be the living proof.

Love stays the course and perseveres; love already won.

Savor all these words MY GIRL, your life has just begun. 

Talk to God and talk to me, we are always on your side.

Nothing is impossible, in Christ alone abide.

“Owl” wrap this up and wind it down, 

but don’t forget this then.

Remember “Hoo” and “Hoo’s” you are,

“Owl” always love you-


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  1. Anonymous

    How beautiful!!! Wisdom for all! The owl painting is awesome too. What a treasure! Happy birthday Virginia!

  2. This blessed my soul. A super thoughtful gift from a oh so wise Mama Owl!

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