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“Would We Hop to our Feet?” October 4, 2015

***My prayers go out to the families of those who stood for Christ in Oregon.

I have no doubt that your loved ones received a standing ovation from the Only ONE who really matters!

The Word says that Jesus wept over Lazarus’s death and He knew He was about to raise him from the dead. (See John 11) Christ cries with us too!

Jesus is weeping with the families and friends left behind, while embracing the saints that joined Him in Glory.

Christ is our comfort in the “mean time” (and it is a MEAN time), while counting the seconds for His Father to say:

“Son, go get our family NOW!”

There will come a day when God will wipe away EVERY tear from our eyes.  Death will be gone for good-tears gone, crying gone, pain gone-all the first order of things gone.”  God continues, “Look! I’m making everything new.”  (Rev. 21:5 MSG)

This day is coming, whether we believe it or not.  The enemy knows it full well.  He is quite aware that his time is short; thus, he continues to steal, kill and destroy with increased intensity


I know Christ will receive all the glory in this tragedy, while comforting those HE knows will pay that comfort forward. What the enemy meant to destroy, God will use for the saving of many lives! (See Gen. 50:20)

Come, Lord Jesus!

(see Rev. 22:20)

Come Holy Spirit, “Open my eyes to see the wonderful truths in your instructions.” Psalm 119:18 NLT

Daily Reading: Jer. 7:30 – 9:16, Col. 1:1-23, Psalm 116: 12-19 (Day 277)


What is the 1 thing you hear God speaking to you from today’s reading?(Read and write (or Tweet) yours before reading mine:)

Tweet It:

(If you Tweet yours, I would love for you to tag me so we can see how others are hearing from God specifically in their lives- @psalm8110 or #psalm8110.com)

Here was mine!


Before bed tonight, simply read your 1 thing.

Let’s read what we tweeted and see God’s faithfulness throughout our day.

HE was with us then. Rest easy! HE is with us through the night.

Since God never sleeps, we can!


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Where my faith and creativity collide! A freedom freelancer, prayerful painter and clarion for Christ. #amwriting #Compel Forgiven and Free Living a life that says: COME AND SEE!

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  1. Wow! This left me speechless and teary-eyed. God bless you and thank you for this post.

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