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City Group: SOW WHAT?


What do we sow?

As I witness my home fill up with the next generation, I am overwhelmed by what God is doing!  I have the simple blessing of simply opening my home BUT watching the “Twenty-somethings” love and lead the high school and middle school students in our city leaves me a weepy mess!  After the closing prayer, I had a precious high school girl ask me if I needed a hug as I wiped away the tears.  The  answer to that question is always YES!!!


I am witnessing a “sowing” into the next generation that will reap a harvest 30x, 60x, 100x !  I literally just want jump to my feet with all of Heaven in these moments; because I have no doubt there is a standing ovation in the Throne Room during these Holy Ground Moments!


The remainder of this post if from 2013.  I wrote it shortly after my mom went Home to be with Jesus. She was more of a “seed sower” than I ever gave her credit for.  I will forever remember and be blessed by the letters people wrote me after her death, telling me about the legacy my momma had left in their lives:

A legacy of Jesus and a lineage of Grace!

“Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap.”(Galatians 6:7)

This truth has been coming at me from all directions lately.  My small group is doing a series on “Taking Responsibility for your Life” by Andy Stanley; every podcast I listen to seems to make reference to Gal. 6; my morning devotionals are singing of “sowing” and my mom’s Bible is highlighted to the max with verses about sowing Jesus into the world around us!  I have received numerous cards from my mother’s friends telling me how she did just that.  What a beautiful gift I have been receiving each day as I visit the mailbox and pull out envelopes containing the lost art of a handwritten note, notes telling me of the “Jesus” legacy my mother left for those she left behind.

We have very little control of things in this life but we do have control of our responses!  We get to choose what we “SOW”.  The Bible says we will “reap what we sow”; therefore, we have a choice in our reaping as well.   What are we sowing?


Sow “making a difference”, not indifference.

Sow a smile, not a frown.

Sow a compliment, not an insult.

Sow a hug, not a cold shoulder.

Sow eye contact, not rolling eyes.

Sow a helping hand, not “hands off”.

Sow encouragement, not discouragement.

Sow “others first”, not “me me me”.

Sow forgiveness, not grudges.

Sow a listening ear, not constant babbling.

Sow a gentle response, not an abrasive come back.

Sow compassion, not a “turned back”.

Sow open hands, not clinched fists.

Sow sincerity, not sarcasm.

Sow availability, not busyness.

Sow patience, not hurriedness.

Sow kindness, not contempt.

Sow joy, not self-pity.

Sow peace, not chaos.

Sow love, not hate.

We reap what we sow!  SO, What do we sow?

May this list of sowing possibilities inspire you to add to it!  Our “good seed sowing” options are endless!  Get creative and see what a difference one tiny seed can make!

Dear God,

Thank you that we get to sow into this garden called “life”.  Please help me choose what I sow very carefully, letting YOUR WORD direct my “seed sowing choices”.  I love YOU and I praise YOU for those you have put in my life who have planted and watered YOUR SEEDS into me.   May they grow and may I not become weary in doing good so that a harvest will be reaped for YOUR GLORY in YOUR time!


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