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Dear Pastors

I can not think of pastors without these 2 faces coming to mind.

I think you will agree!



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(Picture Your Pastor in the Question mark above)


Dear Pastors,

Have we told you lately that we love you?

Well, we do!

Thank you for listening to our problems and pointing us to God.

Thank you for your humility and the grace that you dispense.

Thank you for sharing your weakness and helping us see ours in the light of Christ.

Thank you for the youth retreats, conferences, lock-ins;

Thank you for premarital counseling and weddings;

Thank you for hospital visits and graveside lingering.

Thank you for the hours you spend with The Lord preparing messages to share That Jesus with those He draws to himself.

Thank you for not “telling” us your strengths but for living a life dependent on the strength of the Lord.

Thank you for answering the phone when you can and for making calls in response to Holy Spirit nudges.

Thank you for “soaking in the Spirit”,  for we have reaped the benefits of those personal conversations.

Thank you for your patience with all of us who grumble

Thank you for your open arms, even when we stumble.

Thank you for focusing on the Gospel and not theological debate

Thank you for agape love and not stirring up the hate.

Thank you for your kindness when all I felt was shame

Thank you for apologies when you forgot a name.

Thank you for your leadership lived out upon your knees

And thank you for interceding for our desperate pleas.

Thank you for transparency and for showing us what it look likes to put God and family first

You pointed us to Christ alone

And loved us at our worst.

A pedestal you’ve never wanted and you never asked for fame

You’ve taken hits and unkind words, refining by the flame.

You give out grace and don’t hold grudges to magnify HIS Name.

The big-C Church has your heart and you’re committed to the bride

Your heart is set on unity, not issues that divide.

You make mistakes and get back up

you never justify

You model for us childlike faith

Cuddled up to “THE WHO”

Not focused on “The Why.”

You do not water down the truth and your opinion takes backseat

We see you search the Scriptures and we join you at HIS FEET!

Your posture, heart and countenance are soft and pull us in

No matter how far we’ve wandered

You show us we can always come back again.

My list of gratitude is endless and sincere

You have Christened and you baptized but most importantly shown me Christ is here.

The calling is not for everyone but your obedience changes lives

I know “not you” but “Christ in  you”

helped open up my eyes.

Forgive me for the times that I may have judged your heart

The enemy loves it when we pick each other apart.

Let’s call a truce and cut the noose

Satan has not won,

The gates of hell will not prevail against the church

“It’s Done!”

For now I’ll end on one last note

A God arrow you have been

Heaven overflows with souls

As you lay your life down for a friend.

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Where my faith and creativity collide! A freedom freelancer, prayerful painter and clarion for Christ. #amwriting #Compel Forgiven and Free Living a life that says: COME AND SEE!

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