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I spent today finishing up my “2014 Year End Review” and as I combed through my journals and sifted out the golden moments with Jesus, I found 3 poems/thoughts I had jotted down.  I really don’t even remember writing them but in rereading them, my heart sang:)   I decided to put them in THE BLOG, so that I would not forget these melodic moments and I thought that maybe by sharing them, they could possibly inspire someone else to jot down their Jesus Journey.  LIFE truly is POETRY IN MOTION!


I am free, so why wouldn’t I share it?

Freedom isn’t up for grabs. You can’t snatch or tear it!

Freedom was paid for on a cross and resurrection.

Freedom has no chains. We choose our direction.

If I can be an arrow, that the bow sets free to fly,

I pray I point to Jesus with my pen and with my life!

The sacrifice for freedom was for you and was for me

We are not free for nothing.

We are free to be free!


The road less traveled and the worn out wide

Are both right in from of me.

I can not hide.

But why would I want to?

To hide is a cop out. To hide is weak.

I am strong and courageous,

because of the GOD whom I seek!

So which road do the strong and courageous choose?

The road that is narrow,

not worn out and used!

This skinny road may be single file only,

but it is open to all

and sometimes is lonely.




Why not start today-

To see through the lens of Christ

To be kind and inclusive

To see the best in ourselves and others

To help smooth out the bumps

To help fill in the gaps

To straighten the curves

To listen and slow down

To not miss the present on the way to the next

To learn from the past

To share the lessons from my life

To weep with the weeping

To laugh with those grinning

To soak up the sun

To let the rain cleanse

And to remember the sunrise while it is still night

for the morning ALWAYS comes next!


This road means washing clothes, thankful that we have them,

Driving carpool, thankful for the gas,

Offering hospitality, when I would rather hide inside,

Being kind and patient, when I feel grumpy and rushed,

letting others go first,

listening to hear what is at the root of the rude,

And realizing we can always do better!

Why not start today?


For what it is worth:)

Inspired by an AUDIENCE OF ONE and shared with the field Jesus chooses to plant it in!


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