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I am a resident reporter for my local neighborhood newsletter.  The mission of the newsletter, “Downtown Living”, is to create meaningful connections within our zip code in print, in person and online.   It is an innovative way to connect.  “Neighbors write it. Neighbors read it. Everyone loves it! ”  My column is “Mission Moments”-From the “pew” to the “DO”!   The heartbeat behind this column is to share how the Lord has worked in and through the everyday, ordinary lives of our friends and neighbors.  These stories convey encounters with an extraordinary God, Who moves the hands and feet of HIS children, locally and worldwide!

The July issue of Downtown Living featured a beautiful story of one of our “Marketplace Missionaries”.  His  last quote was, “There is a big world out there and God calls us into it.  Safety and complacency are like hands over our ears.  I’m so glad my hands were pulled away from my ears that Sunday!”  He has inspired me and many to move forward into “The Willing Place”.  Are we “WILLING” to REMOVE THE INSULATION and MOVE IN HIS DIVINE INSPIRATION?  I could talk about this for hours!!!! This is my sweet spot-where faith and action DANCE!

So back to why I am writing this follow up blog- there was a couple things missing from the July article. There were no pictures containing the author and his name was completely left out!  The September “Mission Moments” righted that wrong:)  “A Tribute to our neighbor Bill Fowler”  was an honor to submit!  Bill’s wife, friends and mentee (who by the way is my 18 year old son Jake!)) shared the Bill they know and love.  An overwhelming theme with Bill was his willingness to step in, “feel” alongside you, and actually do something in response!  His brother, Matt,  was the last to give me his take-away on Bill and missions; so I was unable to submit it  for publication in the newsletter. BUT HERE IT IS!  I totally stalked both bros Facebook pages and highjacked these pictures; but the feature image is a zoomed in facial of Bill, while he was eating one last TENDERS meal with Jake before he left for college!  I worked my iPhone hard to zoom in and crop out the 18 year old and hone in on the seriousness of BILL FOWLER:)  He is a man of great compassion coupled with a sense of humor that will make you spit your tenders out!

Sharing the love and admiration poured forth in family is an honor and privilege and sadly we don’t hear it or celebrate it enough!  May Matt’s take on Bill inspire you to look for the amazingness  (I know that is not a word:) in your own family, recognize it and celebrate it!  We spend too much time sharing our complaints; so let us be the change!  SHARE THE GOOD YOU SET OUT TO FIND-IT IS THERE!


Bill is an introvert on the Myers Briggs scale; pegged on the I side of the I vs E chart. That does not mean he’s shy or withdrawn or anything like that. It means that when he gets on stage, or speaks in public, or does any kind of presentation that it takes a toll on him. Introverts according to psychologists are people who get their energy from quiet time, from reflection and study and meditation. Introverts go on long walks by themselves to think. So for Bill, before or after a big event ends he needs some quiet time to recharge. I think this speaks to his approach to service and mission.

He’s involved in several projects including the annual trip to NOLA to feed the homeless. He goes once/year but it affects him all year long as he encounters homeless and poor people. You can see how hard it is for him, to encounter people that are hurting. But, he goes back every year faithfully.

Twice in the last several years, Bill has been asked by the families of a friend to do the Eulogy at their funeral. These were both very close to Bill, one a young man who tragically took his own life at 22 and the other, Bill’s childhood best friend who died of an accidental overdose on illicit drugs. Bill did both and in both cases, moved the congregation to tears and laughter. He was spot on: appropriate, caring, funny, poignant. Afterwards I know he suffered from the emotions he shared with us all. So that’s what I want to tell you about Bill and his approach to service. It’s hard for him, because he feels the pain and suffering so closely.IMG_6880.PNG


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