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(Week 20) Freedom Writers: A Painting Paired with our Pens

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(Week 20) Freedom Writers: A Painting Paired with Our Pens

During the school year, I have the privilege of journal writing alongside the next generation and God had the perfect crew of co-laborers in mind when HE started this journaling journey!


Meet “The Freedom Scribes”: Katie, Toya, Katie and April


Freedom Scribes: Katie, Toya, Katie and April

We journal write in notebooks each week and I know that if I do not log my entries on the blog, I may lose the poetry God chose to pen through me during these treasured journaling moments.

I have sprinkled a few poems from this year throughout some of my past blog posts.  I categorized them as poetry to attempt having a system to find them if looking.

I am including 2 poems today, in honor of our 2015-2016 Freedom Writers.  These poems are in response to the writing assignment for that day.

We have the blessing of one more year with the 7th graders, but our 8th graders are moving on up and out.  We will miss them like crazy, but they are ready.

They have blessed us beyond belief by the brushstrokes they have penned on our lives.  We are eternally grateful for the time God gave us together.

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Writing assignment: Write about one word and how it has impacted you.

“Awkward” by Katie Wilson

Awkward is the new awesome.

Let me tell you why.

I wasn’t made to fit;

So I’ve decided not to try.

The world tells us to be unique

but then points out all the trends.

Stand for something; stand your ground;

But we’re still pressured just to blend.

Embracing all my quirks,

I am starting to see;

this world would miss a color,

if I was not me.

The awkward moments throughout my day

splash signature color KATIE.

Imagine the mixed up rainbow hues,

if I tried to splash you and not me! 

Writing Assignment: Sum up what this year has meant to you in Freedom Writers.

“Stones of Remembrance: Freedom Writers 2015-2016”

by Katie Wilson

I go into this remembrance

with stones I gleaned along the way.

“Let my people go,

so they can worship me today.”

Freedom preceded praise

and ushered in a song.

We’ve written to break some chains

and we’ve written to right some wrongs.

Our freedom comes in Christ alone,

yet we process with our pens.

We’ve written our memorial stones,

again and again and again.

An outward display of an inward heart-

letting go, so we can grow-

Our stories for God’s Glory,

our little lights, they show.

We’ve empathized with imprisoned eyes 

and written what we’d say,

to offer hope and share our rope:


Our pen was the paintbrush,

simili and personification.

Silly, sweet, surprising stories

cliffhanger and alliteration

Book releases, rhymers delight,

we’ve taken the light outside.

This has been a blessed year.

Freedom Writers RIDE!

The sky’s the limit,

reach for the Son and stars.

We’ve grown in our walk and writing;




(Drop the mic!)

I hope you have enjoyed this poetic snack from our journal writing journey this year.  It is just a peak into the preciousness we hold in our hearts for these girls.

Have an amazing day!


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  1. This painting is amazing! And love the poems too. Freedom Writers is a true light spot!!!

  2. Thank you for surrounding our students with God’s word.

  3. I was totally inspired by the movie and Erin Gruwell’s journey with her brave amazing students!! All heroes in my book!!! So thankful to write alongside you and the next generation! Hope offereres for sure!! GoGod

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