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“Hug Therapy” February 27

When our kids were little, we used a conflict resolution technique called,

Hug Therapy!

I am pretty sure I made up the name but not completely, so google it if you want.

When my kids were acting like lunatics, which all kids do sometimes (so do parents by the way,) which means the last thing I wanted to do was hug them, I would go in for the kill.  I would scoop them up until their stiff, fighting-back bodies gave into the hug.

I found that my heart softened, as their spastic-“GET OFF ME” -body did.

My husband and I still use this therapy with one another.  When we are fussy and not really on the same page, when we really don’t even want to be in the same room with one another, often one of us will dive in for the kill, until we both give into the hug.

I am not suggesting that this resolves all conflicts, but I am suggesting that conflicts are more likely to be resolved when our hearts are soft and we come close, despite that fact that “close” is the “farthest” thing from our minds.

I found that the times we least want to hug or be hugged is often when we most need


FullSizeRender 2

One more


thought before I sign out:

This world is full of people desperate for human touch.  We fail to thrive without touch.  Widows and orphans often lack touch due to the absence of spouses and parents.

 Do you know a widow or a lonely child whom you could hug today?

Just do it!

There are also many people who feel they are not worthy of touch. They may feel dirty, sick, or shameful; therefore they believe they are untouchable.

I pray that today our eyes are opened to and our feet are moved toward the many opportunities around us to use some



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