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“We Dance”


One of our kids captured this kitchen dance years ago and I had to go back through my photos to grab it and make a word picture.  #thesearethemoments

In college our song was “The Dance” by Garth Brooks.  I guess, as God continues to write our love story, HE expects DANCING to be a part of it:)

Recently, I had a bout of social anxiety and asked one of my “Jesus Arrow” friends to pray a quick prayer for me.  She is Holy Spirit saturated and when she gives me a word, I take it to heart.  She lives on her knees; therefore, I know she only shares “kneeling downloads.”

I was not prepared for her response to my simple prayer request:

“Katie my mouth is gaping open I was just praying this specifically over you when I got your SOS:)

“Praying this truth penetrates her heart

God has NOT given you a spirit of fear!!! You walk into rooms with Him before you, behind you, on top of you.

You are the girl in the grace bubble!!!

I believe God wants to expand your territory of influence but there are some roots that need to be dug up.

Remember when at the Our City on a Hill retreat we talked about how God has especially equipped us to be ministers in the messes He delivered us from?

You were VERY social before – but when under the influence of spirits 🍷

I think He is calling you back into some places that reflect where you were before but now your confidence will come from being under the influence of THE HOLY SPIRIT.

He wants to teach you to dance again!”

You see, I am not really much of a dancer any more.  I loved a party in college, and high school for that matter.  Please do not get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a party! But “loving a party” for me involved loving drinking too much.  It became a crutch somewhere along the way and was my “comforter and confidence” in most social settings.

**Isn’t the enemy crafty(but not creative) to literally call alcohol “spirits” when it counterfeits the HOLY SPIRIT! The Holy Spirit is our Comforter and Confidence! 

When my “Jesus Arrow” friend told me she believed God was going to teach me to dance again, my first question was, “Like literally or figuratively? and surely not in public, right?”

She laughed in texting language and said it was “My Story” and only God and time would tell. Excitement laced with panic kind of set in!

Her final text read:

“One of my sisters favorite songs is
“We Dance” by Bethel.  I love you! Praying for you sweet sister”

Upon listening to this song, the whole “learning to dance again”  adventure was GAME ON!

I love how God continues to FLIP-THE-SCRIPT for me!  HE really does make ALL THINGS NEW, but we must let HIM LEAD!

The conclusion of this blog post is a Facebook entry I know Jesus lead me to share this morning!

***Put on your dancing shoes!

FullSizeRender 2


 You know those songs that you hear and something clicks and you feel they were written just for you? Well, “We Dance” is one of those songs! There is an anointing on it that draws my heart so close to My Jesus and I truly hear Him whispering to me:

“My dance is glorious! This song is ours but in my infinite, majestic, amazing, mysterious “Godness”(because my Father and Holy Spirit and I are ONE:) this song is My Song with all my girls! That does not diminish its specialness with you;  it only serves as a springboard for you to share it with all my precious daughters. Share away sweet girl for there are girly-girl hearts just waiting to twirl WITH ME and I am just waiting for them to lock eyes with ME and let me lead!”

HE wants to whisper in your ear too. You just must be close to hear HIM. Lean in and let the dance begin! Have the best Saturday ever!


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