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I am so glad you are here! This is a SAFE PLACE and a GRACE PLACE!

In the words of Bob Goff (click Bob’s name to check out a little more about him):

You are not just “invited” but YOU ARE WELCOMED HERE!

I have been encouraged and inspired by so many authors, teachers, mentors, family and friends along the way who have been safe landings and sturdy stepping stones for me.

I pray this place will be on your list of soft landings and sturdy stepping stones as well!

May God’s strength shine in my weakness, to offer the love and hope of Christ, not the love and hope of “Katie.”  May we all link hands and hearts as we have to build our own faith at times like David did, “But David strengthened himself in the Lord his God.” (1 Samuel 30:6)

All things are either LOVE or A CALL FOR LOVE!

In light of that, I am reminded of the choice that lays before me at all times:



Let me introduce myself:)

My name is Katie Wilson and I am a Memphis born, messy masterpiece, who is confident in her Creator! After graduating from Vanderbilt, I married my college sweetheart and was Huntsville bound!  20+years and 3 children later, I spend most of my moments AWESTRUCK by and grateful for God’s “ginormous” grace.  This constant state of “grace-amazement” leads to “freedom writing”, God-dependent parenting, Scripture gold-digging, “opening my mouth wide and letting God fill it”(Psalm 81:10), and running my race with perseverance, while podcasting and posting my Jesus take-a-ways.

I am on staff at Lincoln Village Ministries, a place committed to sharing the love and hope of Christ throughout our community, and my church family is  Church of the Highlands and they ROCK!

I am crazy about the ministry of reconciliation and how it reflects the heart of God and I am passionate about seeing the next generation hunger and thirst for THAT JESUS!

Authenticity and vulnerability are a must and perfection is ban from my blog:)  While here, expect a mess AND expect HOPE TO OVERFLOW!  Living in awe of God’s grace reminds me to NEVER LET THAT GRACE GO WASTED!

I am super excited that you are here and I look forward to journeying along side you.

Below is a talk I gave in Atlanta at “Be Still”, a ministry started by Rachel Faulkner Brown.

*Click on the Gold Title link below. When you click on it, it will ask if you want to sign in or open a dropbox account but you do not have to do that. To simply listen just push the the play arrow.

Testimony Talk at Be Still Atlanta 2017

Below are 2 audio recordings  and 1 video of talks I was ask to give at a local bible study called THRIVE.  The “Overwhelmed” message is centered around Jesus and The Woman at The Well.

The “WILDFIRE” message centers on the Holy Spirit.  My teaching was -“Our Light was never meant to be “little”-What quenches the Holy Spirit and how do we fuel the flames instead?

The “Thy Kingdom Come” message centers around the diverse, yet united, Kingdom culture.

My story in light of HIS GLORY!

It is all about THAT JESUS! He is still in the business of bringing beauty from ashes and “making ruins sing”!

Bottom line:

May you be drawn to Jesus for yourself when the audios are over!  And if you are already walking with HIM, may my faith story simply give you another reason to celebrate HIS FAITHFULNESS in the lives of the imperfect but available!

Click below for “Overwhelmed” Teaching- Week 7- 10/30/14

Click below for “Wildfire” Teaching-Week 3- 9/17/15

Click below for  “Thy Kingdom Come” study video:

Diverse not divided, unique we stand united!

I have also included a link to a couple of posts from this blog that include the dance Jesus and I are taking together.  Some of the “dance moves” are not pretty but when used by The Master they are woven into a beautiful ballet that is far from over!


“Why We Share Our Storms and Sewers: It just might save a life!”


“Redefining Hungover”


And lastly,

I am including a


(just to keep all my bio stuff together:)

I wrote this bio for a local “TED salon” talk that I was asked to give on


 If I am able to get a video of the talk I will add to this page for sure!

To God Be All The Glory!


New Bio for local TED salon talk:

Katie Wilson was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, where a loving family and the River City watered her roots.  Hutchison, an all-girl private school, taught her sisterhood and the importance of education.  Second Presbyterian Church planted seeds of Christian faith that are reaping a harvest to this day.   Katie attended Vanderbilt University and graduated with a B.A. in Psychology with a Fine Arts minor.  In 1993 Katie married her college sweet heart and was Huntsville bound, adding early childhood and elementary education to her academic credentials at UAH.   20+ years and 3 children later, Katie is writing, painting, mentoring and speaking as a “hope-offerer” locally and internationally, in Brazil, Kenya, Uganda and Costa Rica, thus far.

Grounded in her faith, Katie seeks to be an active participant in loving the world well.  She hopes to be an instrument of light, celebrating diversity but not division and promoting peace without forfeiting truth.

Katie aims to leave a conspiracy of kindness in her wake, a legacy of love that flavors today and seasons the generations to come.





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