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The Fault in Our Stars: Make-A-Wish: Pearl Harbor

Have you seen The Fault in Our Stars? One of the many things that gripped my heart during this film was the reference to the Make-A-Wish foundation. Just 5 days ago I was standing with my family in Pearl Harbor. One of the families on our tour was on a Make-A-Wish trip. The smooth head of a beaming child in […]

Reposting as my heart revisits-“Broken Ribs”

Decided to repost an entry! My heart is still breaking for women world wide who do not see their worth! I recently returned from The Colour Conference at Hillsong. “The Sisterhood” is a term Hillsong uses for their women but it is a term that reflects the heart & spirit of a rising generation of women world-changers! Age, background & […]


One of my favorite devotionals is titled, “Voices of the Faithful” by Beth Moore and Friends.  It is a 366-day call to missions!  Beth Moore writes the introduction to each month’s devotions but the daily entries are written by different missionaries serving on the international field.  I recently have been given the opportunity to join a writing team for a […]


PSALM 96:3-“PUBLISH HIS GLORIOUS DEEDS AMONG THE NATIONS. TELL EVERYONE ABOUT THE AMAZING THINGS HE DOES.” (NEW LIVING TRANSLATION)   Instead of “you had me at hello”, this verse had me at “PUBLISH”.  I am reading through the Bible this year in the New Living Translation.   Most translations of Psalm 96:3 say “DECLARE” but the NLT says “PUBLISH”.  That […]

Share The Lamb

Lamb is served as part of a traditional Passover meal.  The lamb represents the blood of the spotless, innocent lamb that was applied to the doorpost of Jewish homes in Egypt, in order to spare them from death.  The blood not only spared them from death, but ushered them out of slavery into freedom!  In serving the Passover meal, it […]

Fear Not: “Write On”

There are times I have complete writer’s block for fear of grammatical error, crazy spelling or inability to communicate a point. I will know in my spirit that The Lord has given me a message to convey but I will let fear and doubt block the page! I am grateful for the edit button but sometimes I just want to […]

Know Them By Name:One Small Thing

Yesterday I tweeted my first “One Small Thing” challenge. We were to ask a stranger their name and write their name on our hands. Then pray for them by name the rest of the day. If the person asked, “Why?” We were to TELL! This challenge was placed in my spirit by 4 Holy Spirit promptings colliding. 1-My small group […]

“Write On” in 2014

I am not a big “resolution” person but I do love change! Change is exciting and uncomfortable and inevitable, thus I choose to let Christ orchestrate it while I embrace it! I love to write and journaling is my written prayer life! My word for 2014 is: Unpack! Choosing to fully unpack, take my shoes off and live fully in […]

Rhymers for the Lord-Writing Assignment-“Paint a Picture with Words”

I have friends that have a ministry called Rhymers for the Lord.  They meet once a month to share what God has written on their hearts.  At each gathering they give out a rhyming assignment and people are give an opportunity to share their response.  New people are encouraged to share how they came to know the Lord, a favorite […]

Lessons Learned from the Prequel: Before there was EAT PRAY LOVE there was REJOICE PRAY THANKS-REJOICE ENTRY #1

I am truly overwhelmed by JOY and Jesus right now!  This morning was Opening Convocation for my senior and his kindergartener!  In case you did not know, because I did not know the definition of the word, a convocation is simply a “calling together”- a group of people formally assembled for a special purpose.  In this case the “special purpose” […]