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Lessons Learned from the Prequel: The Tiny Doc

“In the beginning God created … And God saw that it was good… God created man in HIS own image… and GOD said to them, “be fruitful and multiply.”(ref. Gen1:1-28)

Recently I was a part of a GNO: Girl’s Night Out, in which we brought together teen girls from the community to write, to create, to be themselves and express their uniqueness through their words.  Inspired by these verses in Genesis, we saw how GOd created; what HE created was good; we are created in HIS image and we were created to create!

The mission statement at my church is:”We want to influence our community to know Christ”.  We are influencing our community whether we like it or not; so let’s choose wisely the kind of influence we have.  At these GNOs we have a time of fellowship and food, worship music, a message, time to write in our journals reflecting and responding to the message and time to share.  I am always amazed at the unique and creative way that each girl expresses themselves through their writing.

This past Saturday we were challenged to write a prequel or a sequel to a popular fairy tale or story of our choice.  Inspired by the broadway play “Wicked ” and a short film, “Heartless-the story of the Tin Man”, I chose to write a prequel.  I love a good a story, especially one that inspires others to know Christ!  “Who has known the mind of the Lord so as to instruct him?  But we have the mind of Christ.” (1 Cor 2:16)  And since I take the Bible at it’s word, I believe that I have the mind of Christ.  Our creativity, ideas and  words CAN all flow from HIM because HE is our mind(I have to be intentional about choosing HIS way and not my own:)!  I believe that this “Prequel” came straight from HIM and I believe HE birthed a desire in me to continue creating “prequels” that sing of HIM, devotionals that tell a creative story, that teach a Jesus principle, and that ultimately make others hungry for the greatest “inspired WORD”-The Bible-“All Scripture is God breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.” (2 Tim 3:16)

“The Tiny Doc”

He was the smallest and weakest of their family.  They did not think he would make it due to the fact that he was born prematurely.  His mom and dad were both doctors but even they could not heal him.  He made it through ICU and began to thrive; however he did not grow!

It did not matter how small he was, because his heart was huge and his hands were gifted!  As he grew in age and wisdom, they realized his intellect and his unique ability to work with his hands.  He had a great desire to follow in his parents footsteps as a physician but he also felt God was calling him to use his uniqueness, what some would have called a mistake or handicap, and use it for God’s Kingdom.

He and his parents began to pray for an opportunity for their young “Doc” to find a place to serve that he could directly relate to, empathize with, the people and share the love of Jesus.  Word got about a mission field in the royal kingdom forest.  There were many “tiny” natives who had been ostracized by the giants and they were in great need of a doctor!

He applied for the mission field position and by God’s great providence he got the job with a group of 6 other “tiny” but big in heart missionaries.  After “Doc” joined the group they were affectionately known as the “The 7 Dwarfs”.

It did not take long for them to have their first patient, one they had come to know and love, yet she was very different then they were, A beautiful giant with black hair and “snow white” skin. She would not wake up from a magical case of food poisoning!  “Doc” knew he had stepped into his calling and found his destiny!

What “disability” or “mistake” has actually made you “able” to do what God called you to do?

Dear God,

May we never make excuses but may we use all you have given us and all you have not given us for YOUR glory!  YOU do not make mistakes and you have a very specific destiny for each of your children!  Thank you for being my Creator and looking at me and saying “It is good!”  May I create for your glory!


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  1. Toya

    Kudos Katie! I love, love, love this post & I eagerly anticipate the sequels to your prequels.

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