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“I will destroy the idols and put an end to the images in Memphis…” (Ezek 30:13)
I recently ran the St. Jude Half Marathon.   As I ran along the river pounding the pavement to my iPod on random shuffle, I was blessed by the song “Fields of Grace”.  I looked up to the heavens with tear stained cheeks gratefully beaming over God’s graciousness, grace that covers every teenage memory made in the River City, and guess what I saw?  A billboard that said GRACELAND!  That may not seem like a miracle to you but as the miles unfolded, I ran past many “hot spots” that had painted my past and My Jesus literally redefined every image with a “New Song” from my random shuffle.  Random–I don’t think so!  God is always right on time!
I have spent a lot of time burning up the highway to Memphis since my mom’s been sick.   My car has been come “Holy Ground” to me.   I have listen to hours of worship music and sang like I was a one man band,  written memory verses on my heart, savored sermons like I was starving, cried a river, laughed until a gas station couldn’t come soon enough and really noticed “God’s Signs” along this journey.  Two signs in particular have played a beautiful role in God “putting an end to the images in Memphis”.  Right outside Memphis is a tiny town with a tiny sign called “Canaan”.  I missed it for years but it has always been there-The Promised Land.  And guess what tiny town ,with a much bigger sign I might add, lies between Memphis and Canaan?  OLIVE BRANCH!  Do you see it?  It has always been there-HE has always been there.  My Jesus-the Olive Branch-bridges the gap between our past-our “Memphis” and our promised land-Canaan.  Praise the Lord God Almighty for opening my spiritual eyes!  I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that God Almighty is doing a “New Thing” in Memphis, not just for me and the new memorial stones I am setting up, but for Memphis in general.   I believe Memphis will go down in the history books as a city on fire for Christ Jesus!  I believe God has great plans for HIS people to reach the nations and “My Memphis” will be a city on hill, a light for HIS Kingdom and known for the fruit that it bears!  My walk with Jesus began when I was “walking in Memphis”.
Below is a letter I wrote to the Commercial Appeal in response to an article the paper printed about “The Help”, a movie which inspired me to live out my calling in Proverbs 31:8-“Speak up for those who can not speak for themselves…”
To Whom it my concern,
My name is Katie Johnson Wilson and I am one of the children referenced in your article about “The Help”.   I had the blessing of being raised by “2 Mommas” and I have many friends with more stories of love and gratitude like mine.   I had 2 women who invested in me and pointed me to Christ.  They poured their hearts into my life, into everyone in their sphere of influence and continue to do so today.  Watching these matriarchs throughout my life has inspired me to “pay it forward”.   My calling to offer hope to the next generation is reinforced and modeled by the 2 matriarchs in my life–Mom and Aunt Leta.
My memories of Memphis are beautiful.  Let’s put Memphis on the map for its love, peace, and unity.  I was so blessed to have grown up in the River City and I want the world to know how much kindness, generosity and goodwill really exists there.  You will find people of every race with open hands, hearts and homes.  Let us take a movie like “The Help” and move forward in a positive response–show love to all people, all the time, in all places, in whatever way we can.  Let us be creative and spontaneous and look for opportunities to reach out, help the oppressed, share words of loving kindness, break the chains of generational bondage and embrace the beautiful legacies that have been left for us.
I would like to take this opportunity to embrace my legacy here:
I suppose God knew, that I’d need 2
A gift HE gave to me.
They planted seeds, they met my needs-
2 Matriarchs succeed!
A little girl with long blond curls
Remembers days of love
While one would dress me up for church
Sit beside me on the pew
The other played the AM preacher
and shared her gospel tune.
Why God would give me 4 knees bent
I guess I’ll never know.
These women had their work cut out
As I began to grow
Mistakes I made
Their love, it stayed.
Their knees grow old together
The Lord, HE heard their pleas.
My heart has grown in grace and love
Now I live on my knees.
The world would like to separate
Taint the past and stir the hate.
My matriarchs are different,
And yet, they are the same.
They’re best friends, sisters, confidants-
United in HIS name.
Now I am a mother with 3 who look to me,
Mom, Aunt Leta, Katie-all on bended knee!
Thank you both for your LEGACY!!!!!
I suppose God knew that I’d need 2,
A gift HE gave to me.
They planted seeds, they met my needs-
2 matriarchs succeed!
THANK YOU!  I am eternally grateful!
Katie “Two Shoes” Johnson Wilson
(P.S. Aunt Leta calls me “Two Shoes”)
Dear God,
I would like to believe that my nickname-Two Shoes- is a reference to “beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news” Romans 10:15:)  May we spend our lives sharing the GOOD NEWS in words and actions.  Help us to use our unique gifts and stories to bring YOU ALL THE GLORY!  May these words light a fire in us to run to the WORD now for ourselves!

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