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Show and Tell

Psalm 145:4-“Generation to generation they will tell YOUR works and they will show YOUR heroism.” (Aramaic Bible in plain English translation)


We influence those around us whether we like it or not.  We are leaving a legacy and the beauty of knowing that is that we can be intentional about what we want that legacy to be.  Think for a minute.  Who are the people in your life who have left a memorial stone of Jesus for you?  I can name a few.  


I watched my best friend’s mom in the early morning with a cup of coffee, Bible and journal all through my middle and high school years.   When my father passed away,  I received his Bible with all his highlights and notes and I remember him sitting in a specific prayer chair in his closet on numerous occasion.  That chair now resides at my home.   I saw my Aunt Leda on her knees in prayer beside the bed and my mom has always been my “google search” on where to locate a specific verse.  I watched one best friend pump breast miik for months after losing her child in order to nourish crack addicted infants and another who adopted 2 angels all in the name of Jesus!  


Our lives will bare fruit when Christ abides in our hearts.  We have all witnessed those in the generation before us overflowing with their words and actions the Jesus that fills their hearts.  We too are overflowing to the generation behind us.  What are we overflowing?


God is so creative and forever giving us new ways to express ourselves for HIS glory.  I have recently had the tremendous blessing of watching some youth in my sphere of influence “gleek” Jesus in the most unique ways!  They will take pictures of their devotional and post them on insta- gram, take notes from their quiet time and post them on Twitter or Facebook, they have started their own blogs that are an outpouring of the Jesus they proclaim, started email accounts to encourage those suffering from depression and bullying, and added many an emoji symbolizing the God they have chosen to serve.   These teenagers are leading Bible studies at the Boys Girls Club and starting their own charities to raise money for the least of these!  The next generation is “doing for one what they wish they could do for many” all in the name of “THAT JESUS.”  I am forever blessed by the “show and tell” of the lives around me and I pray that my “show and tell” makes the world around me hungry and thirsty for HIM!  


Thank you God for Your promise:”I am the VINE and you are the branches.  If a man remains in ME and I in him, he will bare much fruit; apart from ME you can do nothing”(John 15:5)  I choose YOU and by doing so I know my life will bare fruit, in word and deed.  Thank you for meeting us in our despair!  You literally came to “show and tell” us the way!  YOU are our CHART and GUIDE!




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